Bro Sad B17 Narrow Bro Bro Sad B17 Narrow Bro

Brooks Sadle B17 Narrow Brown


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€ 100.00 100.0 EUR

€ 100.00

available in 3 to 7 days

Narrower version of the B17 for more sportive riders.

• Supplied with Spanner, Cloth and Proofide

• Rails/Weight: Black Steel/530g

• Width: 155mm, Length: 280mm


The undoubted supremacy of Brooks saddles is largely due to their irreproachable quality in every detail.

The leather is absolutely the best obtainable and is thoroughly adapted for its purpose. Retention of shape, and even improvement after the break-in period, is the crucial test of a leather top and is one of the chief characteristics of Brooks saddles.

A broken-in Brooks is the only saddle whose shape becomes truely yours. An important feature of leather is its porosity. Invisible pores in the hide provide natural ventilation.

Brooks saddles are always cool to ride, so they stay comfortable on the longest rides on the warmest days

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