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€ 85.00

Brompton make one of the world´s most iconic folding bicycles. Originally designed in 1977, it has been continuously refined ever since.

However there has never been a dedicated toolkit for the bike.

That´s now changed: this new toolkit fits discretely within the front frame tube such that, when the bike is in use, the toolkit is fully enclosed within the frame.

The kit includes all the tools necessary for most road-side repairs in a compact, lightweight unit:

Perhaps the most innovative features of the kit are the space-saving double-ended driver bits and the unique tyre levers.

These make removing tyres substantially easier and also incorporate 10 and 12mm spanners (patent-pending).

Complete tool kit components:

■Tyre levers with integral 8mm and 10mm spanners    ■15mm spanner with integral ratchet driver    ■Pozi and flat screwdriver bit    ■2.5mm and 5mm allen key bit    ■3mm and 4mm allen key bit    ■2mm and 6mm allen key bit    ■Puncture repair patches (glueless)    ■Sandpaper 

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