P/Too Utility Knife P/Too Utility Knife

Park Tool Utility Knife


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€ 20.00

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  • The UK-1 is a general purpose workshop utility knife and has a locking blade for extra safety
  • Pull the blade fully open and it will click into a locked position
  • The body of the knife has an indentation adjacent to the locking mechanism
  • At this point, push the locking mechanism away from the blade and push the knife blade closed
  • The UK-1 uses a standard utility knife blade
  • To change the blade, open the knife fully
  • Push the knurled knob above the blade, pushing from the logo side of the knife
  • Pull the blade and remove it
  • Reverse the process to install a new blade
  • The UK1 is for shop use only and not for resale
  • Covered by Park Tool's legendary limited lifetime warranty

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