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CONTINENTAL Tire Grand Prix 5000 S TR Tubeless 28" | 700 x 28C BlackChili VectranBreaker black/transparent

Although the Continental Grand Prix 5000 is still one of the fastest and most popular road bike tyres, it did not stop the developers of the German manufacturer from launching a tubeless-ready (TR) version that has been improved in all areas.
At first glance, the 5000 S TR can hardly be distinguished from the previous version. However, the familiar Lazer Grip profile structure conceals a completely newly developed structure. In contrast to the previous version, the 5000 S TR has only 2 instead of 3 layers of fabric under the tread. This ensures better adaptation to the ground and contributes significantly to reducing rolling resistance by 20%. Thanks to the Vectran Breaker puncture protection layer and the non-slip Black Chili tread taken from the previous version, the reduced number of layers does not have a negative effect on puncture protection. The sidewalls still consist of 3 layers with a newly added protective layer. This not only improves the puncture protection of the sidewalls by 28%, it also ensures that the tire runs more stable at low air pressures. A new, patented tube construction, which does not require a sealing rubber layer, makes the tire 50 grams lighter than the previous version.
Long awaited by many Conti fans, the new 5000 S TR is now also compatible with hookless rims. However, it can still be ridden with classic clincher rims and also with tube .
The new tubeless tire has already proven its outstanding properties and versatility in racing. Both the world championship title in the individual time trial and the victory at Paris-Roubaix could be achieved on the 5000 ST R.

handmade in Germany
Over 100 years of experience in the development and production of bicycle tires make Continental a unique company in the industry. Continental is also the only German bicycle tire manufacturer with production in Germany! Conti tires are built by hand in Germany using unique technologies and materials.

Black Chili Compound
At Conti, BlackChili means above all that grip, rolling resistance and durability are combined at a level that makes you almost believe in magic. Continental simply uses the very latest and best technologies. The latest polymers, soot particles and fillers optimized down to the nano range guarantee the unique performance of the BlackChili compound. It revolutionized the basic conflict between grip and rolling resistance. Approx. 30% more grip and a 26% improved rolling resistance compared to the silica compound ensure better performance and safety.
Continental tires consist entirely of this high-quality rubber compound. Thus, the tires can be worn down to the carcass without losing the first-class properties of the rubber!
Anyone who has ever driven a tire with Black Chilli would not want anything else!

Vectran Breaker
Vectran ™ is a synthetically manufactured high-tech fiber based on a natural model. Like spider silk, Vectran™ is a liquid crystalline polymer (LCP). Vectran™ is spun from the molten liquid polymer Vectra and further processed into a multifilament yarn. Spider silk as well as Vectran ™ have an enormous tear resistance with the lowest weight. A higher puncture resistance and lower weight are the advantages of the Vectran breaker. Vectran is more cut resistant than aramid, 5 times more tensile than steel and lighter than nylon thread without affecting rolling resistance. Thus, it offers the ideal protective layer for the tire. Vectran was developed for airbag systems in the automotive and aerospace industries.

The TL technology is specially designed to adapt tubeless to the demands of road cycling. Easy to assemble and reliable in use. Specially developed, the tubeless foot seals with its shape and ensures a stable hold on the rim.

Active Comfort Technology
The revolutionary approach to road cycling. Integrated into the tire construction, the Active Comfort technology absorbs shocks and ensures an outstanding driving experience.

Laser grip
Lets you become one with the street. The lasered micro profile structure focuses on the shoulder area of the tire and offers you increased cornering grip.

NOTE: Tire pressure must not exceed 5 bar (73 PSI) on hookless rims. Continental recommends using at least 30 ml of suitable tubeless sealant for the initial assembly.


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