Bike to Work Explained


All bikes and accessories on our website are available for purchase through your Employers Bike to Work Scheme.
You can save between 32% and 52% by buying your bike through the scheme.

The scheme allows you to purchase a regular bike up to €1250, an e-bike up to €1500 and a cargo bike up to €3000. If your chosen bike is above these limits you just pay the balance as normal. The balance is not covered by the scheme.

Please note that the Bike To Work scheme is not a discount scheme. You will receive tax relief not a discount so you pay full price for the bike but you can pay for it through your Gross salary so you end up saving between 32-52% off the retail price. You will see the savings in your payslip after you have collected your bike.

We have integrated with both Bike To Work and TravelHub to offer you a quick and easy way to get your bike scheme quote.

Note: You can only avail of the bike to work scheme once every 4 years so please ensure you get everything you need when you make your application as you cannot reapply after you have selected.

Need a bike in a hurry? Contact us today to see if you qualify for early release once approved by your employer. You can have your bike within a few days.


Simply browse our website and select the bike or bike and accessories you wish to purchase.
Add the bike/accessories to your shopping cart.
At the payment page choose “Pay later with Bike To Work”.
This will reserve the bike for you, free of charge, and you will receive a quotation for your selection by email.
You can then use the quote details to complete your application on your employers Bike To Work or TravelHub portal.Bike to Work Explained


Once approved by your employer Bike To Work or TravelHub will invoice your employer for payment.
Once your employer has made payment you will receive a Bike To Work or Travelhub voucher by email.
Please email us once you receive your voucher and we can arrange collection or delivery of your bike.


You can choose any bikes and accessories on our website or you can check out our Bike To Work Packages.

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