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Your Saddle is one of your three crucial contact
points with your bike that can make or break your
overall riding experience.
The angle of your torso on your bike changes the
pelvic sit bone contact with your saddle. An upright
Leisure posi􀆟on (90deg) typically necessitates a
wider saddle and this posi􀆟on loads more body
weight directly onto the pelvic sit bones. A sport
posi􀆟on (45deg) spreads the body weight more
evenly between the hands and sit bones and
requires the narrowest shaped saddle.
A well-fi􀆩ed saddle should enable you to get the
most out of your ride, whether you are racing the
clock, riding in the park or ge􀆫ng around on your
daily commute, you should be able to do all of this
free from discomfort. Our saddles are designed to
fit all sit bones’ width and to sa􀆟sfy the anatomical
needs of both Men and Woman to aid in pressure
relief in the most sensi􀆟ve areas.
To achieve the desired level of comfort select your
correct riding posi􀆟on Then opt for the
corresponding saddle and enjoy the ride.

• Ergomically contoured shape to
provide support and reduce
pressure on sensi􀆟ve areas .
• Extra padding and an anatomical
design specially designed for
Leisure and recrea􀆟onal use
• Length:258mm
• Width:205mm
• Weight:600g
• Foam: PU Foam
• Rails: Steel

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